Banda Neutonica

$ 3,800.00 MXN
$ 3,420.00 MXN


Unlike all the products on the market that are used to help with sleep, the Neutonic Band prevents you from having to learn how to use an application or having to concentrate on something in order to sleep

mask of total darkness

The design of the Neutonic Band allows you to wear it comfortably, preventing the entry of light and promoting optimal conditions to allow natural sleep. If you fall asleep with it on, it will automatically turn off and is safe to use all night.

Play relaxing music

The musical tracks were specially designed by Mexican musicians so that without covering your ears, you can receive auditory stimulation that allows the relaxation necessary for natural sleep.

Sleeping with it on will not prevent you from hear your alarm clock every morning.

Artificial alpha wave emitter

The very low frequency magnetic field generator creates a small area just above the lobe of the brain that produces identical frequencies in the last moments before entering natural sleep. This allows for mutual resonance that helps create the ideal sleep state.

Tourmaline Quartz

The four black tourmalines strategically positioned around your head make use of the quartz provided by Nature, protecting you from other high-frequency electromagnetic waves such as cell phones and WiFi, allowing you to integrate or unify brain states of relaxation and transmuting negative energy into positive.

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Patented 4 element technology

Audio Design: More than just relaxing music