The four elements help to promote the rhythms of sleep in a natural way, using magnetic technology, auditory stimulation with designer music, black Tourmaline quartz and a textile design based on neurophysiology and sleep studies.

audio playback

Optimized music design through four acoustic projection chambers that project the sound directly to the user without being perceived by other people around, keeping the ears completely uncovered to be alert.

5 audio tracks scientifically designed to relax you, at frequencies in multiples of 8Hz, with the precise pitch, rhythms, cadence, intros, and volumes for the brain to find its own path to natural sleep

Textile Technology

Textile technology for freshness on contact with the skin, controlling humidity and temperature during use. In addition, its flexible design allows anyone to use it without affecting the sound quality or the position of the magnetic field.

The design allows the use of Neuton Band on any size from head to toe. from 4 years of age, to people with large volume of hair. This is thanks to the industrial engineering of a silicone design that allows the use of electronics without compromising flexibility

ELF Magnetic Field

The brain rhythms of sleep onset and moments of relaxation at 8Hz occur in the occipital lobe.

The Neuton Band technology generates a very low frequency (ELF) and low intensity magnetic field that promotes the affinity of the rhythms at 8Hz that allow natural sleep.

Black Tourmaline Quartz

The natural protection of quartz, with its crystalline structure, allows you to obtain the benefits of this mineral placed in four precise locations within the Neuton Band to offer the best of both worlds