Audio Design

Banda Neutonica audios were created especially in order to allow the listener to relax. However, it is not music inspired solely by the author, since making use of theoretical resources of auditory stimulation that for decades has been studied in order to facilitate sleep and other states of mind, in conjunction with modern knowledge of the brain rhythms that in direct collaboration with a specialist in neuroscience translates into the creation of these tracks.

The work within the musical studio, the careful analysis of the times, rhythms and tones, the tireless testing of ideal volumes in each musical movement and the endless artistic inspiration of two Mexican musicians of great trajectory engenders this element of the Neutonic Band. which is central to its relaxation effect. This allows that, without neglecting the creative part, the Neutonic Band offers the precise combination of the necessary elements to facilitate a natural sleep. Original knowledge meets modern wellness science.

Tracks in order:

A Breath Away (8´15´´). El Javi / Eduardo de la Vega.

The ultimate acoustic creation in promoting the alpha brain rhythms, designed in a musical study so that the propagation phenomena that all the musical rhythms used allow an indirect brain stimulation identical to the state immediately before sleep. The precise combination of its rhythms, volumes, cadences and inputs is the product of the marriage between the science of sleep and art.

Walk The Path (9´58´´). El Javi.

Harmonic sounds whose musical progression creates a state of attention and mindfulness that allows your surroundings to become less relevant in an acoustic environment conducive to taking an active day to a relaxation break or keeping a day calm as it is, with a pleasant and optimistic emotional tint.

Dream (16´00´´). Claudio Trejo.

Music elaborated to create a neutral environment from the beginning, maintaining an acoustic balance with gradual entry of relaxing elements that maintain the tone of musical depth, allowing a homogeneous and soft musical background that promotes sleep in a natural way. The repetition of sounds, patterns and rhythms are mesmerizing in the familiarity that this music generates.

8 - 0 - 8 (8´08´´). El Javi.

Inspired by the audio “Walk The Path”, whose melodic origins in flamenco recorded only with guitar derive in four movements with a cadent and calming rhythm that allows your attention to be blurred from any other thought not related to the richness of sounds and rhythms that this audio offers.

IK (12´23´´). El Javi.

Through a musical guide, you will be able to perform a musical exercise of conscious breathing that will allow you to reduce your respiratory rate and heart rate harmoniously and will allow the listener to extend their subjective perception of time so that they reach a state of relaxation conducive to sleep , rest, meditation or the simple contemplation of your surroundings. You should listen to the rhythm of each of the notes that mark the deep inspiration, followed by a lower note that marks the deep exhalation and the tempos towards the end of this audio will take you to a unique state of inner peace.

Oumuamua (17´40´´). El Javi / Eduardo de la Vega.

Acoustic journey that transports us from the most distant places to our own sun to the great diversity of ecosystems and nature of our planet, populated by an intelligent species and whose exterior contemplation transmits a feeling of peace to those who arrive and finally finish away from the planet where they were born.


About the Authors:

Javier Gutiérrez

“El Javi” is a composer, producer, arranger and performer. With a musical career that he has left 5 original productions under his own record label “Wolf Howl Records”. His specialty is instrumental music which has been used for soundtracks in video productions. He currently has collaborated in providing music during healing ceremonies and yoga classes. Some of his most outstanding presentations are the Festival of the Arts in Coahuila, Mexico (2013), the Jazz and Blues Festival in Santa Clarita, California (2014), the International Music Festival in San José del Cabo, Mexico (2014) , International Festival in Denver, CO (2017,2018) and was a guest artist on the Noche Tucumana world tour of the greatest flamenco singer Diego “El Cigala” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (2013). His work as a studio musician has also given him the opportunity to work with artists such as Kenny Arnoff, Chris Chaney and producer Don Gehman. He currently resides in Denver, CO.


Claudio Trejo

Musician, producer, arranger, composer, writer and performer. He was born in Mexico City and living his childhood in Guadalajara, with experience in drums, percussions, guitar, piano and singing. He studied at the Berklee College of Music where he deepened his perception of music and was exposed to the world of artistic production and, since 2019, creating pathways and making his music heard wherever he inspires people. He currently resides in Miami, FL.

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https: // www / claudiotrejomusic /

Eduardo de la Vega

He studied medicine at La Salle University, CDMX, specializing in Neurosurgery at the Hospital "Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos" of the ISSSTE, as well as fellow in Advanced Neurosurgery at the university hospital in Tübingen, Germany. He currently practices performing surgical procedures in the public environment and attending his private practice in parallel. He joins Neutónica in 2019, helping with technological and musical development. He participated in the musical creation with the musical bases obtained throughout childhood by the pianist Cristina de la Vega, whose entire family was dedicated to conservatory music.