Shipping, Warranty and Returns Policy

The objective of this document is to establish the guarantee and return policies, as well as the terms and conditions of Banda Neutónica (hereinafter BN) in its products sold to the CLIENT (hereinafter "YOU"). Which you accept when you buy a product and / or service with us.
Banda Neutónica does not exclude, limit or suspend other rights that you have, even those contemplated in the laws that apply to the case.


BN offers a 21-day guarantee of satisfaction for the user, if from the date of delivery the product does not meet expectations or does not work as expected.


To start with the satisfaction guarantee process, write us an email requesting it to
● Returns will only proceed 21 days after the delivery date.

● You must cover shipping costs to BN (no packages are received).

● No returns can be made in the following cases:

+ Product packaging or boxes count with non-original labels, are scratched, beaten, dirty or otherwise mistreated.

+ The packaging or the boxes are not the original ones.

+ The invoice includes the legend «No Return and / or Cancellation».

● The customer must send the box, packaging and all extra accessories that the product contains within its packaging, such as: manuals, cables, and accessories. Likewise, you must present the document "Warranty Policy" contained within it at the time of purchase.

● Once the product is received, it will be reviewed by qualified technical personnel to verify its functionality and that it does not present any damage Physical.

● The customer will be notified through the email provided or telephone number that their return will be valid and the refund will be made, which must be reflected in a period of no more than 30 days .

BN does not assume, nor does it authorize any other person who intends to act on its part to modify or change this guarantee policy, nor does it assume any other guarantee or liability that concerns the products.


Procedure to make the guarantee valid:

To process a guarantee, you must send an email to with the following information:

Buyer's name:
Order number:
Serial number of the faulty product:
Short description of the fault:



● The Neutonic Band is sold only through our official website.

It is not sold through other platforms or distributors. The warranty may only be valid for those who buy directly from Neutónica.

● The product must be within the warranty period (1 year warranty with BN).

● The warranty begins to run as of the date established in the purchase note or invoice

● BN will cover the shipping costs. If it does not come under warranty, the customer must pay for the return shipping.

En that same email we will contact you to give you the steps to follow:

* When we have a response to the product we will contact you to provide a new part or make a refund.

● The customer You must send the box, packaging and any extra accessories that the product contains within its packaging, such as manuals, cables, and accessories. Likewise, you must present the document "Warranty Policy" contained within it at the time of purchase.

● Upon receipt of the product, BN will deliver a "Service Order" to the customer and it will contain a "Folio number". In the case of a product received by parcel, the "Service Order" will be sent to the client by email to the address that the client has given and it will be understood that the client accepts the terms of the document sent.

● The product will be reviewed for warranty evaluation by qualified technical personnel. The term of the diagnosis will be from one to 30 business days.

● Depending on the result of the diagnosis, the following types of guarantee will be carried out, as the case may be:

1. Change: If the product presents irreparable failures and it is considered necessary to change the product. That product will have the remaining warranty period of the original purchase.

2. Credit Note: This will happen in case the product is out of stock.

3. Repair: In the event that the product is repairable and in the opinion of Neutónica's technical specialists, with said repair, the product acquires its optimal functioning again.

● The customer will be notified via the email provided or phone number that their warranty will be valid.

● The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs in case the product presented for warranty shows physical damage or shows good operation, and therefore the warranty is not valid.

Warranty conditions and limitations:

● Only warranties will be valid for manufacturer defects, NOT FOR PHYSICAL DAMAGE (call broken, scratched, burned, with burned circuits, violated warranty seals or with loose parts, etc.).

● Due to the improper use of the product or it has not been used based on the instructions and / or manufacturer's manual. · The The warranty period for each product is the one specified in the purchase note or invoice, with a minimum period of 1 year · The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the product during its useful life or improper use of the product.
< br> ● The product has been intervened, altered or repaired in any way or by a person other than the Authorized Service Center. The product is broken, beaten or scratched.

In the event that your order arrives with physical damage from the parcel, the change will only be valid if the client reports it within the next 48 hours. of having received the package and that the shipment has been insured.

BN is not responsible for changed, repaired or damaged products that are not claimed by the customer within 30 calendar days after the notification date that the product is ready for delivery. After that date, the product may be disposed of without BN having any responsibility.


All international orders have an additional cost for shipping.
If you need to validate your warranty for manufacturing defects or the satisfaction guarantee, the customer must pay all shipping costs, follow and comply with all the procedures mentioned in the previous and subsequent paragraphs.

Taxes: Orders do not include the payment of import taxes for each country. It is important that you know that upon receipt of your package, the parcel staff (DHL or other) may request the cash payment of import taxes on delivery of your package. Import policies and costs vary from country to country, so we cannot calculate the cost in advance.


If your band has not yet been shipped, you can request a full refund of your purchase.

NOTE: If your refund request exceeds 25 calendar days from the day of purchase, we will not be able to make the automatic refund to your card, so you must send the mail to: the bank account data as follows:

1.- Full name of the account-holder (The account must be the same name of the person who made the purchase).

2.- Name of the banking institution.

3.- Account number and branch.

4.- CLABE account

5.- Order number / Purchase order.

Shipping Policies:
All claims or inconveniences with the delivery of the product must be sent in writing to the email within a period of no more than thirty (30) days from the date on which the order should have been delivered, failing which, Neutónica will be exempt from all responsibility.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you also accept them for future transactions.