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historia de la banda neutonica

October 2016
The original idea of ​​the Neutonic Band arises. It is put on paper and the objective of the idea is consolidated, derived from the fact that Franco Canseco -the 8-year-old inventor- could not sleep easily "because his head kept spinning".

Franco participates in the State Contest of Expo Sciences, obtaining first place and the representation of B.C.S. in the National Science Expo Contest. There, Franco obtains the national representation with the Neutonic Band for the International Science Expo ESIAMLAT Latin America to be held in Chile 2018. In the same year, the Neutonic Band registration begins with the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property.

As part of its preparation for the International Science Expo ESIAMLAT Latin America in Chile, it begins to consult with Dr. Eduardo de la Vega Violante, neurosurgeon, in order to perfect and optimize its prototype and expand the level of evidence through different tests with neurophysiology studies; To this are added collaborations with doctors from various specialties (neurologists, neuropediatricians, internists) to validate the invention and represent Mexico in the best way. In this way, it contributes decisively to Mexico obtaining the first place as a delegation in the exhibition.

In parallel, Franco participates and obtains the first national place in the contest "Ideas Made in Mexico" of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, where more than 2,000 innovation and technology projects participated.

Due to these achievements, he received an invitation to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, where NASA astronauts and various researchers showed great interest in the Neutonic Band. < br>
After conducting the first controlled clinical study, Franco captures the attention of five sharks with the results and obtained the investment from Shark Tank to develop the Neutonic Belt and be able to go on the market with an innovative product of 100% Mexican origin. In August, Neutónica was consolidated as a company of Mexican investors whose purpose is to implement the innovation of the Neutónica Band in a commercial product. The search for technical collaboration and the industrial, electronic and prototyping process of the Neutonic Band began, finding a company with extensive experience in the production of medical and electronic equipment that joins a technical team to collaborate on the project.

In February the pre-sale of the Neutonic Band begins with enormous interest from the general public, uncovering a large niche of people who suffer from insomnia and difficulties to relax during the night and entering into immediate harmony with the product and its origin. After a pre-sale that exceeded initial expectations, the whole world is plunged into a pandemic that threatens the promise of delivery of all these bands by autumn of the same year. Finally, the bands are delivered in a timely manner and the satisfaction and feedback of hundreds of people who find a new tool for their insomnia begins.

The formal sale of the Neutonic Band begins in February, aimed at being part of the basic tools in the natural support of relaxation and physiological sleep and eventually helping to the millions of people who require it. In July, stocks are exhausted due to the demand derived from the success of Franco's invention. As a result of this, a series of improvements for the near future of Banda Neutónica are initiated this year.